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About Us

Fire security & Utility services (P) Ltd provides peace of mind through its employees. We realize that any security company can provide you with personnel to fill a position but we maintain that our employees are clearly superior individual for the job Superior in terms of extensive rigorous training that they undergo, thoroughly educated about our general procedures as well as specific security guidelines. They are superior in terms of character and ability as each having been extensively screened, personally interviewed and tested.

A specific hierarchy of management and supervision has been designed to provide the client with a point of contact for specific issues as they may arise. So, if you want to feel secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year- contact nobody but Fire Gate because you have got too much to loose. Life is full of compromises but security should not be one of them. Protect your people and your property with the "best."

Our Mission

M/S Fire Security & Utility Services (P) Ltd. is committed to strengthen the industrial growth by establishing a peaceful working atmosphere and effective utilization of Security men & modern security gadgets in line with leading security practitioners. While Loyalty, Honesty & Integrity are essential ingredients, training, practice and acquaintance with modern Hi-Tech provides a cutting edge to the service & profitability.

Our Aim

Our basic aim is to provide total security to our clients so that they relieved of all the hazards of security related problems. We provide effective supervisory staff who is responsible for keeping them always alert and well disciplined.
The globalization of the market and liberalized economic policy has resulted in tough business competition among Public & Private sectors to prove its existence & credence against Multinationals entry. Consequently, all the business, organization are left with no choice other than to concentrate on their core business cutting down their cost and at the same time adding value to their products. In the process, it is difficult for them to handle issues like Industrial Security alone which has direct impact on their profitability. In a challenging law & order atmosphere, we, the Fire Security and Utility Services (P) Ltd. Force step in to offer relief to its Clients with our expertise in handling Industrial Security by protecting and guarding the Plant, Machineries, Equipments and also help in creating a secure & safe working environment. We are committed to add to your productivity & profitability by offering our security services at a competitive rates.

Goal & Responsibilities

To provide professionally trained, physically fit and mentally alert and smart Security Personnel, Armed Guard & Supervisory staff at a competitive rate. To enhance knowledge & professional skill of security personnel by training & refresher course are imparted in the Training Center at B/A-219, Sonari Khutadih, Sonari, Jamshedpur, Jharkhand run by experienced & qualified faculities. The following aspects are covered during training:

  • To strengthen the security system with physical barrier & modern Hi-Tech security Gadgets.
  • To conduct security survey for optimum deployment of Security Personnel.
  • To collect intelligence pertaining to the customerís interest.
  • To carry out intelligence & investigation of loss/ security related incidence.
  • To liaise with local Police & Admn. In maintenance of law & order etc.
  • To provide basic Fire Fighting Service & Handling/maintenance of fire appliances.
  • To render service in case of fire hazard, natural calamity & other emergency.
  • To safeguard to premises against theft & pilferage.
  • To prohibit the unauthorized entry and exit of man, material and vehicles within the prohibited and protected areas.
  • To submit a Daily Report on important events, the effective action taken along with suggestions.
  • To apprehend the culprits and deal with them as per clientís directives.
  • To keep a check on incoming and outgoing materials as per Challan and Gate Pass.
  • To shoulder additional responsibilities from time to time on behalf of clients in case of emergencies.
  • To provide proper uniform to our Security man/Guards and equip them with lathis etc.
  • To recruit our Guards after through verification of their antecedents and character and issue them a proper I.D Cards.

Training Programs

  • Function of Security
    • Prevention
    • Protection
    • Inspection
    • Investigation
    • Reporting
    • Emergency Service
  • Mob Control
  • Handling of emergencies, evacuation etc,
  • Special features of hotel security
  • Security of residential complexes
  • Training in fire prevention
  • Relevant labor laws
  • Training in first aid
  • Use of computers in security documentation
  • Right of Private Defense
  • Power of arrest by citizen in certain offences
  • Telephone Operating and handling of wireless network
  • Industrial relation and major laws concerning arms act